January 2017

Passion. Desire. Sacrifice. Sometimes you have to be willing to risk everything.

Charlotte made a promise.
Charlotte will be Valedictorian.
Charlotte will get into college and escape the temptation that has plagued every woman in her family: boys.
Until the night, Tate Collins—bad boy and pop icon—walks into the flower shop where Charlotte works, and everything she thought she wanted, begins to break apart.
Tate Collins is famous, gorgeous, and desired by every high school girl across the country.
Tate Collins has a secret.
Tate Collins only wants one thing: Charlotte.
And desire will unravel them both.

FLOWER will also be published in these territories/languages:

Brazil, Germany, Italy, Greece, Norway, Serbia, Turkey, France, Russia, Romania, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Spanish rights, Slovak and Czech rights

  • Loved it! I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at this book. I fell in love on page one and couldn’t put it down.
  • After two pages, I knew I would fall madly in love with Tate. The things he did for her with the flowerbuying, it was so incredibly romantic.
    Kelsey van Dillen